There are online tools that allow you to learn German from the comfort of your own home. Specialized platforms are particularly suitable for those who don’t have to meet strict deadlines but have the motivation to improve their knowledge.

In this article, we present the 10 best websites for learning German for free that will help you succeed.


This is a blog created by an experienced German teacher. Here, you will find a variety of useful materials, including articles, video lessons, various exercises, and tests.

Advantages of this resource:

  • High-quality materials that meet modern teaching standards, including online courses.
  • Variety. The website contains materials for all learning levels, from beginner to advanced (from A1 to C2).
  • Practice. Numerous exercises and language tests help you to consolidate your knowledge.
  • Fascinating and unconventional materials to help you discover German from an unusual perspective. These include great German words and idioms, a visual dictionary of adjectives, many audio exercises, and much more.

DeutschlernerBlog is an excellent resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge. However, contacting an online courses or offline German teacher is best if you are looking for a complete German course.


This is a platform for comprehensive German language learning. It is one of the ten best sites to help you learn German for free. The online platform is designed to teach German at levels from German course A1 to C2. You can also access the courses and learning topics from your cell phone, making the learning process convenient and flexible.

Unlike many free resources, Lingolia offers a structured and varied approach to learning, combining grammar exercises, vocabulary, listening, reading, and even writing. Note that some materials on the website are paid.

You can determine your language level on the Deutsch.Lingolia platform. The test consists of 25 questions and covers various aspects of the German language, including grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and reading.


This is a self-study German course suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. It consists of 12 lessons, each on a specific topic.

Advantages of this website to help you learn German:

  • Practice: Each lesson contains exercises to help you consolidate what you have learned.
  • Grammar: It contains detailed explanations of grammar rules.
  • Vocabulary: there is a dictionary with translations in many languages.
  • Accessibility: It can be used free of charge on the Internet.

The author of Mein-Deutschbuch is an experienced German teacher. The self-study program is designed to meet modern requirements for teaching German.


A unique forum where various materials for self-study of German are gathered in one place. Here, you can use the following:

  • Training courses, sorted by topic and exercise type;
  • Electronic versions of German textbooks;
  • The possibility to take online language tests.

Levels and topics organize all information, so separate materials focus on economics, law, politics, medicine, and other areas of knowledge. Access to all materials is free of charge.


Memrise is a virtual learning platform that enables language learning through interactive exercises and games. It offers courses in more than 20 languages, including German. The platform is considered one of the most useful free websites for learning German.

The main feature of Memrise is the use of games, quizzes, puzzles, and other interactive methods that make the learning process fun and memorable. This approach makes it possible to learn German at different levels, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading.

Deutsch Perfekt

The platform is one of the 10 free websites for learning German, providing thematic materials for reading, listening, and practical exercises. Visitors can read useful articles in German in which specific vocabulary is highlighted.

You should pay special attention to the audio exercises – listen to the thematic lessons from a native speaker. All lessons are divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

A platform where you can download free courses to learn German independently. The materials available include basic courses (for beginners), advanced courses, and thematic guides on business, climate, travel, and more. Separately, you will find lexical lessons, practice tests, listening dialogs, and more on the website. All materials can be sorted by level and topic.

German learning apps are a dictionary where you can find translations of thousands of words and expressions, including winged words. The user receives the translation of the word entered and a practical example of its use in a sentence. This helps you better understand the context of a word’s usage and expand your vocabulary. You can quickly find the meaning of unknown expressions without opening a large paper dictionary.

A German news publication with up-to-date articles in German on its website. This not only offers the opportunity to keep up to date with all the events in the world but also to process information in German. This way, you can improve your reading skills and expand your vocabulary.

Deutsch Learn-Apps Duolingo

One of the best websites for learning German for free is the popular platform Duolingo. Here, you can learn the language in a practical game format with the support of an online assistant. To get started, complete a short quiz in which you indicate your language level and learning goals. This allows the platform to select personalized exercises for you.

What are other alternative methods for learning German?

In conclusion, free self-learning platforms for learning German are particularly suitable for those with some basic knowledge or who want to learn the language for fun. However, if you are serious about learning a language, for example, because you are moving to Germany or want to study or work there, certified professional German courses are a better choice. Our language school offers this format and is available in Germany and abroad.


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