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Dauer2 Wochen

170 € *

*The prices are for students who are already in Germany and do not need a visa to travel to Germany.

Different prices apply to students who are abroad and who need a visa to travel to Germany. Please contact us by email:

About C1 telc “Hochschule” exam preparation

The C1 exam preparation course is taught by our experienced lecturers in small groups using innovative methods. 

You will be prepared thoroughly and competently for the C1 or C1 Hochschule language test. You will be taught the most important aspects of the exam intensively. Reading and listening comprehension is practiced using sample tests. One of the main focuses of the course is the written part of the exam (writing). As you prepare, you will learn how to write an essay to achieve the 45 points required. It is explained in detail and with many examples on how to structure written examination tasks in order to accomplish them on C1 level. The most important grammar rules are repeated. Topics that may be relevant for the oral part of the exam will also be sufficiently practiced. 

The C1 exam preparation course consists of 40 lessons and thus, lasts 2 calendar weeks. The cost of the course is 170 Euros. Our courses are only taught in small groups  of max. 11 people so that you can prepare efficiently for the telc-C1-Hochschule exam.

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C1 telc exam preparation
18.01.2021 — 28.01.2021
15.02.2021 — 25.02.2021
15.03.2021 — 25.03.2021
12.04.2021 — 22.04.2021
10.05.2021 — 27.05.2021
14.06.2021 — 24.06.2021
12.07.2021 — 22.07.2021
16.08.2021 — 26.08.2021
13.09.2021 — 23.09.2021
18.10.2021 — 28.10.2021
15.11.2021 — 25.11.2021
06.12.2021 — 16.12.2021

*M – morning class, *A – afternoon class

Mo.-Do. 9:00 — 13:00

Mo.-Do. 14:30 — 18:00


Christmas Holidays: 21.12.2020 — 03.01.2021

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