Intensity20 lessons per week
Duration9 weeks
Participants 8-15
LocationVirtual Classroom

960 € *

Payment in two instalments is possible.

* The prices are for students who are already in Germany and do not need a visa to travel to Germany.

Intensity20 lessons per week
Duration5 weeks
LocationVirtual Classroom

480 € *

* The prices are for students who are already in Germany and do not need a visa to travel to Germany.

About the course

In our B1 Live-Online-Course, you can learn German from the comfort of your own home and still be there live! We use modern technology and a stable app for online lessons. You can easily download the app from the Internet to your PC, tablet or smartphone. We use the Microsoft Teams App for our classes. Beside of that you will need for your online B1 German course:

  • a good internet connection
  • a laptop, tablet or smartphone 
  • a headset 
  • textbooks: interactive digital version or a printed book
  • the Microsoft Teams Application

After registering, you will receive a link via email and with just a few clicks you can log into your online live course. 

Description of Our German Course B1 Online

B1 level means that you can use German at an advanced level. When traveling to a German speaking country, you can make yourself understood. You can express yourself coherently about familiar topics and personal interests (experiences, dreams, hopes) and explain and justify your goals and plans. 

The German intensive language course at B1 level comprises 180 lessons and consists of two parts: B1.1 and B1.2. 80 lessons are planned for the first level (B1.1) and 100 lessons for the second level (B1.2). The B1.2 level includes preparation for the final test, after which you will receive our internal certificate. Our internal test is also an ideal way to prepare for the telc exam. The B1 course lasts a total of nine calendar weeks.

You can either register for the complete B1 course or for the B1.2 course (in this case you need to show us proof that you have completed B1.1 or take the placement test). If you register for the full course, you have the option of paying the course fees in two instalments.

This online B1 German course takes place as a hybrid course. A hybrid course can be attended both online and in presence. You have the possibility to learn German together with other participants who attend the course face to face.

For a consultation or more information, click here

B1 German online classes schedule

B1 complete course
01.07.2024 – 30.08.2024 * ² 
02.09.2024 – 28.10.2024 * ¹
30.10.2024 – 14.01.2025 * ¹
25.11.2024 – 07.02.2025 * ² 
20.01.2025 – 20.03.2025 * ¹
24.03.2025 – 28.05.2025 * ¹

Course times

¹ Monday — Thursday: 09:00 — 13:00

²  Monday — Friday: 14:00 — 17:15

If you already took a B1 course, but forgot certain aspects, B1.2 might just be right for you. We would like to invite you to take a free placement test in our language school in order to offer you a suitable online German course that builds on your current language level.

B1.2 course
29.07.2024 – 30.08.2024* ² 
30.09.2024 – 28.10.2024 * ¹
28.11.2024 – 14.01.2025 * ¹
06.01.2025 – 07.02.2025 * ²
17.02.2025 – 20.03.2025 * ¹
21.04.2025 – 28.05.2025 * ¹

* The course dates shown on the website are non-binding planning dates. It is possible that the course cannot take place on the specified date. In this case, you will be given an alternative date as soon as possible.

To attend our German classes you will need following books:

  • B1 Aspekte Neu Lehrbuch:
  • B1 Aspekte Neu Arbeitsbuch:

Join B1 German online course with a certificate from IISC

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