Work in Germany

Work in Germany

IISC facilitates the procedures for Nurses and Doctors who want work in Germany.

Our procedures are as follows:

Equivalence of diploma:

  • In general, graduate students from different countries who have diplomas in Medical Field such as Nurses cannot have the direct equivalence in Germany.
  • IISC takes care of assisting graduated Nurses and Doctors to prepare and process the Equivalent application in Germany.
  • After processing the Equivalence in Germany, it takes around three months for checking the Equivalence possibility. After that candidate receives a partial equivalence with some deficit (theoretical and practical).

Assistance to have a contract of employment in Germany

IISC has a network of partners that provides employment contracts to our candidates:

IISC in collaboration with Medical recruitment Center takes the candidate in charge and negotiate all the clauses of the contracts to guarantee the best to our candidates

Assistance in Germany

The IISC team in Germany provides its candidates with a support package during the installation period in Germany:

Our working method: