Full-time Study abroad


Full-time Study abroad

Bachelor Program

The bachelor is in most countries as the first academic degree, so that the bachelor's degree can start usually right after high school or equivalent. Despite the same name still differences in structure of the study and recognition of qualifications between different bachelor degrees exist worldwide. Europe takes the bachelor usually three years (six semesters), although there may well be changes up or down. Objective of financial statements is to prepare graduates for the future professional life. The European bachelor thus conveys not only knowledge but also qualifies the graduates, ideally in "soft skills" such as time management, research skills etc. Also enhanced are the so-called key skills training in order to enable the competent handling of the technical knowledge innovative and flexible. In addition, the European bachelor is modularized, the content and themes of the program are in similar units or modules together, leading to a particular qualification target. Tests on the modules are stored during studies in seminars and lectures.

Master degree​

A Master's degree abroad is usually preceded by a bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree. The master is in most countries regarded or considered as the second highest academic degree, and mainly serves in compulsory education, if one seeks an academic career or a career specialization. Abroad master's degree is classified into two masters degree by coursework and by research. Masters Courses "by coursework" consist primarily of in-depth courses and a relatively short thesis. Masters Courses "by research", however, include (almost) no lectures, but may charge a very large proportion of research and a long dissertation.