The Benefits You Get From Our Service

The following benefits are provided for all IISC member


Free Student Service. Also free assistance in the registration and accommodation search. Contact by e-mail, telephone or on-site consultation appointments in our office.


On a full-time basis, as defined by the host institution, for the period of the program. Access to some departments or courses may be limited or closed.


Orientation and General Services. We will provide a pre-departure orientation to help you prepare for studying abroad. Upon arrival, the host institution will give you an orientation.


Housing or a stipend covering the cost of housing for the entire period of the exchange including exam and vacation periods. You may have a room in a residence hall or with a family or an apartment shared with other student.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance as students abroad have to take out health insurance. Many universities recommend their own policies, but usually makes sense to purchase a health insurance before you travel that will meet the required covers, because the posts are usually cheaper.

Social, athletic, and culture benefits.

IISC Candidates will have the opportunity to take part of Sports and Culture events organised by IISC or Partner Organisation where they the participants will learn about new cultures which helps them to integrate in the German Society. This will also have Positive impact about the German language where they will have space to exchange and practice it.